Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo is a place for anyone—and everyone—to pursue opportunity, together. Whatever your background, whether you’ve been here forever or just arrived, there’s a home for you in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo.

A place of incredible economic opportunity

Living in the economic engine of Canada – with the world’s 3rd largest oil reserve, has its benefits.

A place for families

With financial opportunity, strong education, and community support – families thrive here.

A place of innovation

Challenges, ideas, and energy. These are the ingredients that form innovation—and we can’t get enough of them.

A place of remarkable Indigenous strength

As a world leader in Indigenous enterprise and economic collaboration, we’re bridging history and the journey forward.

A place of natural wonder

Watch as nature’s greatest light show—the aurora – dances in our skies over an endlessly unexpected landscape.

A place of Strong community spirit

Compassion and generosity are at the heart of our community. Through the good times and the hard times, we’re here for each other.

A place of diversity

We have big city diversity with the warmth of a smaller town. It doesn’t matter where you’re from—all of us are welcome, as we are.

Why build a brand?

Why create a brand for Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo? Because we’re proud of our region and want to share what makes this place special with the whole world. And if anyone is going to tell our story, it should be us. That’s why we need your voice and for you to be involved—so anyone who wants to visit or join us here, learns about who we are, from us.


Why Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo?

When we say Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo together as one, we let everyone know that our strengths are both urban and rural. Fort McMurray is a name known all over the world, and Wood Buffalo is the name we use to talk about our rural communities and jaw-dropping back yard. Both make us who we are.


Get Involved

Explore the Community Toolkit to use the Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo brand—the language, the imagery, or share your story.