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The Community Tools are a collection of materials that follow Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo brand guidelines and can be shared with others as an introduction to the region. Some items are ready to share, and others can be used to create new branded materials for your unique purposes.

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About the BRand

Our Place. Our Name. Our Brand.

The first thing any future residents, business owners, or visitors will hear about our region is our name. Our destination name combines our urban and rural strengths, and communicates the best we have to offer, together as one. Our name is Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo.

A name is only the introduction—it is supported by an authentic brand, that needs to be used consistently by the people who know this place best. That’s where you come in.

About the Place

You’ll find us here.

Located in the northeast corner of Alberta, Canada—Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo is home to the Athabasca Oil Sands, the world’s 3rd largest oil reserve. It’s also home to Canada’s largest national park, a UNESCO world heritage site with free-roaming bison. Here you will find northern lights, sand dunes, boreal forests, winding rivers, and most importantly, some of the greatest people in the world.

Our Region Map

Using the BranD

Proud to represent

The Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo brand is our key to presenting our home to the world with authenticity and unity. It’s a voice created for all of us to share.

Use the available community tools and brand information in these brand guidelines to do your part in sharing what makes Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo home.

Brand Platform

Our brand platform is the result of a hard, close look at what makes us who we are. It’s our story, our purpose and how we stand apart from the crowd. It’s the core of the Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo place brand and the guiding light for how we represent this place. When in doubt, read this.


Pursuing opportunity, together.


Each person has their own reason for being here. Some have always been here; others are drawn here. You don’t arrive here by accident – you come intentionally seeking.


As a place, we are built on people discovering, chasing and realizing opportunity.
With the world’s 3rd largest oil reserve in our region, opportunity abounds here.
We innovate and search for new ideas. We create new beginnings, new chapters in peoples’ stories. We are grounded by Indigenous culture and strengthened by Indigenous business. We are leaders in resiliency, navigating everything together. We look for what’s next and along the way we become stronger and more vibrant as a family of communities.


This is a place of community. It always has been – we support each other in order to thrive. Because when you’re here, you’re part of the family. ​

Building Blocks

Our assets and our strengths define and support our place brand.

These seven building blocks represent the strengths and assets of our region. The building blocks can be used to guide and inspire various expressions of the brand; like the positioning line, the imagery and specific key messaging, for example.


A place of incredible economic opportunity

We are home to the world’s 3rd largest oil reserve. And with that gift, economic opportunity is bountiful. We are the economic engine of Canada that contributes meaningfully to the lives of all Canadians, whether they know it or not. We provide access to extraordinary career opportunities – accelerating career paths, increasing earning potential or starting an entrepreneurial venture.

A place of incredible economic opportunity


A place for families

We are built for families to thrive. Our communities are designed around family life, offering everything from abundant playgrounds, to endless nature trails, to North America’s largest rec centre. It’s why people choose to start or raise their families here – enjoying financial opportunities, strong education, and meaningful arts and culture. Our families are connected and nurtured by the friendships, community groups and shared experiences that brings us together. And here, through our unwavering commitment to support one another, friends become family.

A place for families


A place of innovation

People here find solutions to problems. We look for new ways and new ideas to move forward, better than before. Our culture of innovation encourages a spirit of playfulness in our youth to learn and push the limits of what is.

Innovation is at the core of our industry – driving forward the economic engine of Canada and introducing new technologies to the world. Here we pair Indigenous knowledge and stewardship with western science creating extraordinary environmental and reclamation advances. Come here with your challenges, your ideas, your energy – and we’ll make it happen, together.

A place of innovation


A place of remarkable Indigenous strength

The strong Cree, Dene and Métis communities here are rich in collaborative spirit and historical, cultural and economic importance. Flourishing through economic participation that shows a path forward for the rest of Canada and provides strength to our economy. We represent two paths – tradition and innovation, bridging history and the journey forward. We are a place of deep culture and tradition that goes back to before the fur trade yet tied to a place of extraordinary natural resource development. While honouring the land, we’ve become foundational to prosperity here, through leadership, pride, and a return to the Indigenous way of knowing.

A place of remarkable Indigenous strength


A place of natural wonder

Welcome to the place of majestic land and sky. Nature here is breathtaking. Endless boreal green, winding rivers, and bountiful wildlife await you – all on the doorstep of the Wood Buffalo national park, a UNESCO world heritage site. Nature’s most brilliant light show dances in our skies while our vast wilderness is endlessly unexpected – the lakes, the winter road, the boreal forest, sand dunes (yes, actual sand dunes!) – All this and more comes together captivating every adventurer’s spirit.

A place of natural wonder


A place of strong community spirit

There is a feeling of community here like no other place. There is a desire to help one another, support one another and spread a little kindness in each others’ lives. We have discovered that compassion is at the heart of our community. Our region has a proud history of supporting each other through difficult circumstances and when disaster strikes. We volunteer countless hours, giving freely of our time, our talents and ourselves– as you’d expect from one of the most generous communities in Canada. Together, whatever your journey looks like– experience the deep sense of belonging here.

A place of strong community spirit


A place of diversity

Here you find the diversity of culture, ethnicity, and language that you’d expect in a big city, but is embraced by a welcoming and inclusive community that exudes the warmth of a smaller town. Some of us are indigenous to this land, some of us came to Fort McMurray from Canada’s biggest cities and some of us are small-town people from around the world: rural Newfoundland, villages in the Philippines, Ghana, Ireland, Jamaica, and 60 other countries. It doesn’t matter where you are from – all of us are welcome, as we are.

A place of diversity


Our positioning is based on the building blocks, which are the assets and strengths of our region. This statement speaks to how we are unique.

We are naturally enriched.

Slide 1

The oil that literally seeps out of the ground.

Slide 2

The Indigenous communities and partnerships that support our region.

Slide 3

​The vibrant community that embraces each other regardless of background. ​

Slide 4

The wildlife and natural beauty that is our region​.​

Slide 5

​​​The friends that become family here.​​



WE. WORK. HARD. We put in the long hours, take extra shifts or the second job. We make the most of opportunities by rolling up our sleeves and making it happen through sheer determination and effort.


We give freely of our time, our talents and ourselves – supporting one another as family. When our neighbours need support, we’re there. When disaster strikes one of us, it strikes us all – because we care for each other as much as we care for this place we call home.


We don’t quit. There’s no sitting on the sidelines here. We believe in ourselves and our ideas. And we push until we get it right. Because of who we are, when we get knocked down, we come back stronger. ​


We search for better ways and forge new paths. We embrace fresh ideas and how they can make things better for us and the world. Bring us your impossible, we will make it happen, together.


We take a strong, confident approach moving forward into new areas and new challenges. Leading with courage, sure of who we are and our role as Canada’s economic engine.



Confidence paired with humility

We are real and true to ourselves. When we talk we have a contagious confidence. We speak with perseverance in our minds and passion in our hearts. We are proud yet humble.

How we say it

We use simple language that’s easy to understand. We say more with less. We speak honestly and directly. Our voice is never passive, always inspiring yet never boastful. We honour the power of a story. Respectful of our important history and grateful for everything we have – the words we choose unite us.

Why we say it

We use the word ‘unite’ as everyone, from every corner of the region, is represented in our language and ideas, because we accomplish everything together. Our humility is born from our gratefulness and respect for one another. And we have a yearning deep within to build each other up and inspire others to do the same.

Building Block Key Messages

These key building block messages should be used when further detail specific to the place brand building blocks is needed. They offer an easy and standardized way to communicate our attributes consistently across a variety of audiences and platforms.

A place of incredible economic opportunity

Slide 2

Whether you want to advance your career, increase your earning potential, grow your business, or start something new; opportunity lives here.

Slide 1

Opportunities here get you where you want to go, faster.

Slide 3

We are Canada’s economic engine.

Slide 4

96% of Canada’s oil comes from the oil sands. 80% of that comes from FMWB.
A place for families

Slide 1

Our young, vibrant population with many growing families provides an ideal community to grow up in.

Slide 2

Families thrive here; with financial opportunity, strong education and community support.

Slide 3

Here, friends and neighbours become family.

Slide 4

Industry partners are corporate citizens, investing into building family-oriented communities.
A place of innovation

Slide 1

With our culture of innovation, come here with your challenges, your ideas and your energy – and we’ll make it happen, together.

Slide 2

We are constantly working to be leaner, greener, safer and smarter.

Slide 3

We’ve been a place for entrepreneurs since the fur-trade. (Indigenous people the first entrepreneurs)

Slide 4

Reduced reclamation time from 50 years to under 8.
A place of remarkable Indigenous strength

Slide 1

Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo is the centre of excellence for Indigenous business in Canada.

Slide 2

Our Indigenous roots and communities make our region stronger.

Slide 3

Industry’s relationship with Indigenous companies has increased prosperity for all.

Slide 4

Fort McKay generates 97% of own-sourced revenue from Nation-owned companies.
A place of natural wonder

Slide 4

Home to Canada’s largest national park, Wood Buffalo National Park & UNESCO world heritage site –where the world’s largest herd of Wood Bison (3000) roam.

Slide 1

Explore a region full of endlessly unexpected natural wonder.

Slide 2

Your backyard is a natural playground for year-round adventure.

Slide 3

Hundreds of years of cultural wonder.
A place of strong community spirit

Slide 1

Compassion and generosity is at the heart of our community.

Slide 2

Here, friends and neighbours are family.

Slide 3

Our strong community will help us overcome any obstacle.

A place of diversity

Slide 3

We offer the diversity of culture, ethnicity, and language that you’d expect in a big city, welcomed with the warmth and community of a smaller town.

Slide 1

It doesn’t matter where you are from, all of us are welcome here.

Slide 2

Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo is a place for all people to prosper.

Slide 4

Residents from over 60 different countries.

Slide 5

World-leading Indigenous relations and partnerships.

Slide 6

Multiple examples of female leadership and entrepreneurial opportunities.


Our Logo

This is the primary logo for our region. The font stands as strong and tall as we do. The colours are a reflection of our lush natural environment. The graphic mark gives geographic context. Together, our logo is a unified and unique visual mark we can be proud to apply to our branded communications.

The regional icon

Set in the top right corner of Alberta, the shape of the Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo region and its backyard, Wood Buffalo National Park, is distinct. It’s a mirrored F, a reflection of the ‘F’ in Fort McMurray, the region’s urban center. It’s the space that’s home to our people, our businesses, our ideas, adventures, and opportunities. This is where it all happens. The regional icon is a symbol inspired by the actual borders of our one-of-a-kind home.

Logo Versions

Primary Logo

The Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo logo comes in different versions so it can do its job properly in different contexts. The primary logo should always be the first choice when choosing which logo version to use.

Primary Full Colour Logo

HEX #0C2A4B, R12 G42 B75,
C25 M13 Y0 K71, PANTONE® 2767 C

HEX #007B70, R0 G123 B112,
C48 M0 Y4 K52, PANTONE® 7718 C

Primary Reversed Colour Logo

HEX #0096F1, R0 G150 B241,
C95 M36 Y0 K5, PANTONE® 2925 C
HEX #2FCAA5, R47 G202 B165,
C61 M0 Y15 K21, PANTONE® 7465 C

Primary Black & White Logo


Secondary Logo

The secondary logo is a supporting brand element. Because it does not include the full place name it cannot be used as an alternate to the primary logo. Wherever the secondary logo is used, the full place name must already be present or known by the audience.

Secondary Full Colour Logo

HEX #0C2A4B, R12 G42 B75,
C25 M13 Y0 K71, PANTONE® 2767 C

HEX #007B70, R0 G123 B112,
C48 M0 Y4 K52, PANTONE® 7718 C

Secondary Reversed Colour Logo

HEX #2FCAA5, R47 G202 B165,
C61 M0 Y15 K21, PANTONE® 7465 C

The Regional Icon

The regional icon is a distinct and memorable brand element. The shape represents the region as a whole and is pulled directly from the logo. This icon should be used often, in both bold and subtle ways, as a graphic reminder of the overall identity and place. It may appear with a solid fill or heavy stroked outline using any brand colour. It may be filled with imagery or used as a decorative element, marker, or button.

Regional Icon – Filled

Regional Icon – Outlined


The regional icon should never be used outside the context of the full place brand name. For example, the regional icon may appear on its own within a presentation if the place name was previously established via the primary logo on the opening slide. It may not be used, however, on a single static communication piece such as a poster, brochure or digital advertisement, without the primary logo.

Logo application basics

Safe Area

It’s important to let the Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo logo breathe. It should always be surrounded by a minimum safe area margin that is the height of the regional icon. No other graphic content, like another logo or a line of text, should enter this space.

Minimum Size

The logo should never be applied at a size that is illegible or distorted due to its small scale. The minimum size for in-hand print application is 0.5” in height. The minimum size for digital application is 25 pixels in height. For any other applications ensure that a legibility test is done before publishing or producing a design.

Logo Do’s & Don’t’s

DO place the logo over a photo with a high contrast and a clean clear space.

DO place the logo over the regional icon outline in a simple layout

DO consider how the logo reads with text within a layout.

DON’T place the logo over text or any graphic object other than the regional icon.

DON’T place the logo over a busy photo or video that doesn’t provide enough contrast.

DON’T place the logo within text to be read as part of a sentence or headline.

DON’T alter the graphic elements or fonts within the logo in any way.


Our Fonts

Our fonts have been chosen to align with the brand. Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo is full of voices that are strong, bold and modern. It also is a place full of friendly faces, welcoming attitudes and tradition. This is why the brand uses a combination of two fonts with different attributes. This complementary set, when used together, projects a unique and balanced tone, much like the voices of the region.

Primary Font

Alternate Gothic ATF stands tall and proud. It commands attention with its steady stroke width and geometrically sound forms. Its no-nonsense style is tonally aligned with the bold headlines and unique selling points of the region. Whether you’re storytelling, educating or marketing for the Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo brand, this primary font should be applied.

Alternate Gothic ATF




All caps small

All caps
& large

Secondary Font

Droid Serif is the perfect complement to Alternate Gothic ATF with its comfortable text weight and sentence case style. The even-stroked, serifed letter forms are reassuring to the eye and welcomes readers to engage in longer form content, which should always appear in the “Upper lower case body copy” style. “Sentence Case Headlines” style is intended for use when a headline or sub-head is more subtle or refined in tone. “ALL CAPS SMALL TEXT & LABELS” is a style for use in page headers, footers or any decorative smaller text, particularly in layout design.

Droid Serif




Bold Italic

Upper lower case body copy.
Sentence Case Headlines

Free substitute fonts

If you do not have access to our primary and secondary fonts through Adobe Typekit, Oswald and Noto Serif are free substitutes, available at or in our Grab N’ Go Downloads. Many of our pre-made templates, also found in Grab N’ Go Downloads, are built using these free fonts. The files are set up like this to simplify the layouts of branded presentations and documents for anyone using them.

The same styles apply to the substitute fonts as shown in the primary and secondary font displays.

Primary Typeface Substitute:



Semi bold

Secondary Typeface Substitute:

Noto Serif





Bold Italic


Our colours

Our colour palette is inspired by the rich hues of the region’s natural landscape. Whether it’s sand dunes or Northern Lights, a river running through vast boreal forests, or the oil that seeps from the ground, our colour palette is a bold, fresh and functional reflection of the place itself.

Primary Colours

The primary colours (found in our primary logos) should be considered first for use when designing with our brand.


Hex #007B70
RGB 0/123/112
CMYK 48/0/4/52


Hex #003D45
RGB 0/61/69
CMYK 27/3/0/73

Starry Night

Hex #0C2A4B
RGB 12/42/75
CMYK 25/13/0/71

Secondary Colours

The secondary colours should be brought in when colour variety or a bold accent is needed. Longer form documents, presentations and web applications are examples of occasions where the secondary colours may be appropriate.

Big Sky

Hex #0096F1
RGB 0/150/241
CMYK 95/36/0/5


Hex #2FCAA5
RGB 47/202/165
CMYK 61/0/15/21


Hex #C1AA9B
RGB 193/170/155
CMYK 0/9/15/24


Hex #AA6E4D
RGB 170/110/77
CMYK 0/24/36/33

Supporting Neutrals

Supporting neutrals can be incorporated into any design. They add flexibility and balance to the colour palette. The more visual weight a neutral colour has within a layout, the more subtle and toned down the communication piece feels. More primary and secondary colours will result in a bolder design.


Hex #1A1614
RGB 26/22/20
CMYK 0/2/2/90
PANTONE® Black 6 C


Hex #293647
RGB 41/54/71
CMYK 12/7/0/72


Hex #DEE3E3
RGB 222/227/227
CMYK 2/0/0/11


Hex #F5F5F0
RGB 245/245/240
CMYK 0/0/2/4

Colour Application

When deciding which colours to use where, there are a variety of factors to consider. Digital reproductions can vary in hue depending on screen type and lighting in the viewing environment. When combining background and text colours, contrast must be considered to ensure legibility. In addition to following the colour codes included in the swatches above, these tips will help users of the brand display a consistent colour palette across mediums and applications.

Digital Reproduction

Unfortunately, in some cases, screens on different devices may display an altered version of the brand colours. A light source that creates a reflection on a screen may result in fading or tinting, depending on whether the source is a blue sky or a yellowish light.

Because there’s no way to predict how the colours will shift depending on where they are digitally displayed, the best way to be consistent is to always follow the brand colour RGB or HEX codes.

Do not alter the colour codes to correct a poor digital reproduction.
Do seek out the best digital display for your branded communications. Glass screens and newer devices, such as tablets, smart phones or recent TV models will display the most accurate reproduction of colour. Older laptops, desktop monitors and projectors often display colour inaccurately.

Type & Colour

As complementary as our brand colour palette is, not all colour combinations provide enough contrast between text and its background. Use the following examples as a guide when choosing colour combinations for backgrounds and text.

Recommended background and text colour combinations:


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